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 Alfa Cars (PH30) is Plymouth's premier airport Taxi & intercity Taxi, travel specialist.

 All of our Taxis and drivers are fully licensed by Plymouth City Council, our cars are reliable and up to date and all of our drivers & cars are fully covered by the AA, as even a new car will breakdown but we can guarantee that you will get to your destination on time.

 Minimum Fare £6.80

 Every mile after £1.60

 The best way to pay is always with cash or with bank transfer, as this way none of us have to incur ‘’CHARGES’’ to a 3rd party.

 Bank transfer – Free
 Cash -- Free
Payment by card in car -- Free
 Payment by invoice -- Add 6%
 Payment by Stripe –    Add 7%

Airport transfers & Intercity travel

We are starting to take many bookings and looking at a busy year and this helps us to keep our prices down.

If you are traveling then get a quote from us, as we can beat the larger firms and equal or beat the small firms and one-man bands.

If you want, you can WhatsApp/ text or email us telling us the price you are wanting to pay and if it looks fair and real, we will consider your offer. 

We reply to your offer with a yes or an updated quote.

We are fully licenced, insured and we are the main Airport & Intercity travel experts in Plymouth.


We pickup and drop off to & from anywhere in Devon & Cornwall

 & the ONLY extra charge is a small mileage fee from Plymouth to or from your home town or city.

For Example-

You book Truro to Heathrow,

We charge Plymouth to Heathrow £239 (Including airport parking)

& 50p per mile Plymouth to Truro (55 miles x 50p) = £27.50

Total price- £266.50p (Truro to Heathrow, including all fees and parking)